Welcome To The Gymnastics eSports League Competition Series

Watch our tutorials below, by game developer Walaber, to learn how some tips and tricks for each competition element. 

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We are trying a Brand New Competition Style! We are going to be putting together a group of Players and play the well known game of T.R.A.M.P that was developed by Freestyle Trampolinists. 

The athletes will be part of a private group coordinated by our eSPorts Operational Team and screen record the group of athletes playing the game.



1) Athletes will pick a starting athlete in the group 

2) That athlete will 'set' a trick by accomplishing it within 1 try. If they can't get it on the first try then the next person goes instead and tries to set.

3) After a successful set, all players will go in the same order trying to do the set skill. They will have 3 attempts to land it the EXACT way the player set the trick.

4) Those who get the skill successfully will NOT get a letter, everyone else will get a letter

5) The game repeats and players go in the same order setting a trick and everyone else tries to accomplish it.

6) Once you have all letters of T.R.A.M.P YOU ARE OUT! Everyone is eliminated one-by-one until you have a final winner! 

For this unique LiveScreen competition, players do NOT have to submit a competition video but will be privately coordinated by our Team! 

Contact us if you wish to play in the game of tramp. Make sure you add yourself to the Pro Gymnast Discord Group to get access to the group! 

Good Luck Everyone!